We support companies in the analysis, design, optimization and implementation of all business tasks that have to function reliably and efficiently in the background of every company. The team of experienced experts makes an indispensable contribution to the commercial success of a company.

Furthermore, we offer the development of individual software. To this end, our specialists work closely with our customers.

Below you will find more information about our range of services. If you have any questions or concrete interest, please contact us right away at the following address: .

Human resources and employee assessments

In probably every company, people play a key value-adding role that has a major effect on the success of a company. That’s why in human resources, it’s important to make decisions based on knowledge of human nature, to protect against staff risks and to create framework conditions that benefit people, where the objective is top performance, innovation and sustainable success.

Legal requirements and communication with authorities

Who speaks official German or knows every single legal requirement for their business?

We don’t know either. But we have many years of experience in recognising legal or regulatory requirements, can classify them and know the right professionals to use in order to meet the requirements. If required, we can also support your company with this.

Marketing and sales

Sustainably selling services or goods is no coincidence – it’s goal-oriented work. We help you to put your selling hat on, thus assessing the market and your opportunities, identifying sales channels and improving your position in the market with a marketing agency. For your business, it is important to generate enquiries, qualify them and lead them to a successful conclusion for sellers and buyers in a structured way. We would be happy to support you in designing and optimising your sales process, as well as your sales organisation with respect to preparing offers, concluding contracts, sales forecasts or addressing your potential in after-sales.

Finances and calculation

The commercial view of a company does a deep-dive into the numbers behind a business and deals with the economic success of a company. Whether it’s financial planning, investment calculations, liquidity planning, sales forecasts, cost accounting, income statements, financing statements or something else – a company’s figures have to be correct, up to date, and the financing always has to be secured.

Processes and organisation

Are your operations ISO-certified? If so, you’ll no doubt be very familiar with processes and organisation. If not, it’s worth taking a closer look here – and this goes for all companies. Analysing, structuring and clearly presenting operational processes to make operational outputs more transparent and reliable creates trust for customers, employees and company management.